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Supply & Delivery For AGO - Acid Gas Oxidizer Replacement Project

The supply of valve for Acid Gas Oxidizer project at Petronas Gas Berhad Santong is to meet the compliance with DOE Clean Air Regulation.

Procurement, Installation & Commissioning 1 unit of twenty-four 24 Inch Loading Valve

We designed and installed maintenance platform to operate the Ball Valve at Station Suction A Loading line.

Positive Material Identitfication

Positive Material Identification (PMI) is one of NDT method in verifying the chemicals composition of metals and alloys. ANZ has experience in conducting the PMI test to inspect the integrity of the valve material as per client’s request.

Oxygen Cleaning Service

Oxygen cleaning is a method to remove harmful contaminants which include oil, grease, organic or inorganic foreign substances. ANZ is experienced in delivering valve inclusive of oxygen cleaning service to Petronas plant.

Overhaul Service For 2 Units of Anti Surge Control Valves FIC4A010/20 - Calibrate and Stroke Check

Anti surge control valves overhaul services for Petronas Gas Berhad - Utilities Kerteh

Hydrotest Service

Supply and hydrotest service for 3 units of Gate Valve – 3/4” x 600# SW, A350 Gr LF2 Extended Bonnet for Petronas Chemicals Ethylene Sdn. Bhd. in preparation for Plant Turn Around 2021.